Lee K. Dance Group

The contemporary dance company Lee K. Dance (LKD) was founded in 2002 by choreographer Lee Kyung-eun. The group, made up of Kwon Me-young, Ok Ji-yoon, Lee Byung-woo and artistic director Lee Kyung-eun, is renowned for its ultimate artistic expression, explosive energy, warm spirit and interesting interpretations. Through tough training and challenging experiments, LKDís members have been praised by audiences and critics alike. Choreographer and dancer Lee Kyung-eun, has appeared in a number of diverse international dance festivals, including: SIDance Seoul International Dance Festival, Modafe International Modern Dance Festival, US Raw material (2000), Dance Biennalle Tokyo, Composition Workshop (French Royaumont Foundation, 2003), International Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival (Germany, 2004), Grand Atelier (France), Kaay Fecc (Senegal, 2005), and International Dumbo Dance Festival (New York, 2006). Lee Kyung-eun has received numerous prizes, amongst others, at the 8th International-Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart (2004) and the Dance Vision 'Best Dance Artist Prize' of Dance Promotion of Korea (2007).