Laura Padgett 'seeing things' (2008) 18.99
Laura Padgett ‘seeing things’ is an 87 page book published in April 2008 following the exhibition of the same name at the Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art from 13 February - 21 March 2008.


Angela Detanico / Rafael Lain
(2007) €25.00

Angela Detanico/Rafael Lain is a 168-page book published in 2007 following an exhibition titled “After Utopia” read more...


AES+F, Last Riot 2 (2007)

AES+F. Last Riot 2 is a full-colour 64-page catalogue published to accompany an exhibition at the Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art in September/October 2007. read more...

Antonio Manuel (2006)

The latest Pharos publication is a 256-page catalogue of the work of Brazilian artist Antonio Manuel read more…


Joanna Jones (2005)

Retrospective of the British artist’s work
over the past 20 years read more…



Parajanov Himself (2005)

Absorbing portrait of Sergei Parajanov
 read more…



Yearning for the Sea (2001)

Unique photographic essay by JC Tordai and Garo Keheyan read more…

Sarkis (2001)

Monograph on the works of one of Armenia’s contemporary artists read more…


Stream of Fire (2005)

132-page exhibition catalogue with more than 88 colour reproductions read more….


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