Garo Keheyan, Michael Asbury (eds)

9963 9199 0 1
79 colour plates,
black & white
220 x 185 mm
Languages English, Turkish, Greek


front cover

back cover

Antonio Manuel is a 256-page catalogue of the work of Brazilian artist Antonio Manuel, following an exhibition of his work Occupations/Discoveries in October/November 2005 at Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus. Includes extensive foreword by curator Michael Asbury and interview of the artist.

Antonio Manuel lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He began his work as an artist during the 1960s when he became acquainted with key figures of the Brazilian art scene such as the critic Mário Pedrosa, and artists Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Pape and Ivan Serpa. Like many of his contemporaries, such as Cildo Meireles, Artur Barrio, Ana Maria Maiolino, he developed a posture that expanded the limits of art practice, increasingly focusing on the body as a vehicle for his propositions. Partly a consequence of the socio-political environment, partly a creative strategy, he worked in the interstices of cultural dissemination appropriating imagery and sometimes the actual circuits of circulation of mass communication. Sensationalist newspaper headlines, censureship, the displacement of marginalized populations, crime and police brutality have featured in Antonio Manuel’s oeuvre, tracing the upheavals of Brazilian history over the last forty years. Often focusing on the relation between outside and inside, his work has consistently questioned consensual notions of art through interventions in museums, newspapers or in the urban environment.