A Vision for the Future

Our vision is to expand the activities of the Pharos Arts Foundation by creating the Pharos Centre for Art, Culture and Dialogue in a beautiful setting of ancient olive groves and pine forest at Delikipos. The Centre will provide space for the visual and performing arts as well as a library and accommodation for visiting artists, writers, composers, musicians, and thinkers from all disciplines and backgrounds.

A crucial component of the Centre is the emphasis that would be given to music and the arts. All cultures and civilisations have expressed their highest aspirations through music and the arts. The Pharos Centre will offer participants opportunities to listen to music-making of the highest order from the western classical tradition as well as other cultures and to engage in dialogue with leading international artists.

Another important element of this project would be the Pharos Forum, providing a venue for dialogue and debate on issues that concern us all. The distinguishing characteristics of the Pharos Forum will undoubtedly be its setting and its human scale, bringing people together from all over the world to an intimate natural environment that allows the landscape to work its magic, and gives individuals time to develop genuine friendships and valuable conversations.

The Pharos Centre, situated on an island at a pivotal point between three continents and diverse cultures, will bring together men and women of goodwill to find a common language and to explore ways in which we can develop a saner, healthier and more sustainable world.

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