About the Foundation

The Pharos Arts Foundation is a non-profit cultural and educational organisation dedicated to the promotion of a wide range of activities in the fields of the arts and humanities. The Foundation presents cultural and educational programmes that are characterised by a strong commitment to artistic excellence and the creative process.

Since its inception in 1998, Pharos has organised hundreds of concerts with some of the world’s most important musicians and ensembles, and it has become one of the leading cultural foundations in Cyprus.

The Pharos Arts Foundation draws on Cyprus’ unique heritage and location, offering a vehicle for increased interaction and intercultural dialogue within Europe, as well as between the EU and the rest of the world.

Transforming Society through the Arts, Culture and Education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower through the arts and in particular through the power of music by presenting the greatest examples of music, supporting artists in the creation of new works and serving as a leader in arts education by nourishing and nurturing the human spirit.

Pharos has become a leading cultural foundation in Cyprus through its pioneering work in music and music education.

Goals & Vision

We seek to provide programmes that inspire a passion for the arts and reinforce a general understanding of its vital role in a healthy, ethical, and productive society. Knowledge and culture create successful societies.

To ensure our programmes are always inspiring and exciting for the young and reach a wide audience through community outreach and exposure to special needs groups.

To ensure that, through careful planning and sponsorship management, Pharos’ two festivals will continue on an annual basis for many years to come, enriching our society and promoting Cyprus as a cultural destination of the highest level.

To present some of the most renowned artists in the world but also identify and endorse emerging young talent from Cyprus and abroad; to offer them residencies, as well as performing opportunities in Pharos’ unique venues.

To offer young people and students from all communities the opportunity to meet visiting artists and scholars. To deepen their appreciation of different music styles and genres, and expand their knowledge on cultural issues of global importance.

Our ultimate vision is to create a world class centre for the visual and performing arts in an exquisite rural setting where musicians, composers, visual artists and writers are inspired to create new work. The venue will become the main home of Pharos’ events and two international festivals.

A Vision for the Future

Our vision is to expand the activities of the Pharos Arts Foundation by creating the Pharos Centre for Art, Culture and Dialogue in a beautiful setting of ancient olive groves and pine forest at Delikipos. The Centre will provide space for the visual and performing arts as well as a library and accommodation for visiting artists, writers, composers, musicians, and thinkers from all disciplines and backgrounds.

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