Music Education Programme

Promoting music as a non-verbal expression vehicle that transcends the boundaries of language

The Music Education Programme of the Pharos Arts Foundation presents concerts for the benefit of students of state and private schools from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Over the past few years, over 75,000 students and hundreds of teachers from all over the island have participated in the Programme, which consists of educational concerts, master-classes and workshops. Promoting music as a non-verbal expression vehicle that transcends the boundaries of language, the Music Education Programme is developed in association with the Ministry of Education and Culture, and comprises custom-made projects for students of primary and secondary education.

Objectives and philosophy

The objective of the programme is to encourage aesthetic development through musical activity. Our philosophy is that music enhances the quality of life and should be appreciated, learned and enjoyed for its intrinsic value. Music can also form part of a healthy lifestyle which acts as a counterpoint to self-destructive attitudes and habits. Through unique musical experiences, adolescents can develop an appreciation of music as a means non-verbal expression of feelings and thoughts, and can use this as a coping mechanism in everyday life.

Young people are the future of a country. We believe that investing in education and culture is an important aspect of the overall development of the life of a country and its people. An investment in education of the young in this field is therefore an investment in Cypriot society.

Further, one of the Pharos Arts Foundation’s aims is to contribute to dialogue across ethnic, religious or cultural boundaries, and we hope that our educational programme can contribute to this end by engaging young people from all Cypriot communities in cross-cultural communication, promoting mutual tolerance and respect. We sincerely hope that our project will help build bonds of Pharos Arts Foundation and better understanding and help dissolve the prejudices that unfortunately still exist in many young people’s minds.

Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus, 2013

Main Projects Developed

Educational Concerts

Audience consists exclusively of students. A concert dialogue follows. Each concert develops a unique theme area and concentrates on a different curriculum.


Attended by music students, some of whom actively participate for demonstration purposes. Technique issues are more thoroughly explored.


Artist-student interaction. Music and its therapeutic dimension. Music is applied as a means to self-expression.

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