14th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival

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Violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved and pianist Roderick Chadwick return to the Shoe Factory to present “Birds: Portraits, Catalogues & Reflections” – a fascinating programme of imaginative works inspired by the birds. The works they are performing range from the brilliant...
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One of the most renowned ensembles of our time, the Brussels-based Ictus Ensemble has shared, and sometimes amplified, current questions about the future of contemporary music. Initially led by conductor Georges-Elie Octors, at a time when ensembles saw themselves as...
Past Event
Drawing from a carefully selected palette of electro-acoustic textures and shapeshifting rhythms, Passepartout Duo’s work investigates the way in which we listen to and connect with sound. Continually reassessing the tools they use to create their music, the Duo –...
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The seven singers of the Neue Vocalsolisten see themselves as explorers and discoverers: in exchange with composers, they are constantly searching for new forms of vocal expression. One focus is on collaboration with artists who virtuously exploit the possibilities of...
Past Event
Pavlos Antoniadis is a pianist, musicologist, and creative technologist, currently Associate Professor of Music Communication and Technology at the University of Ioannina, and a collaborator of the team interaction-son-musique-mouvement at IRCAM, Paris since 2014. As a soloist, Antoniadis has worked...
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