Neue Vocalsolisten
Ictus Ensemble
Les Talens Lyriques
Alessandro Carbonare Clarinet Trio
The combination of this unusual as well as versatile Trio, enables the musicians to effortlessly explore an unusual yet highly stimulating repertoire.
Kuss String Quartet
With its unique approach to music-making, the Kuss Quartet ranks amongst the world's most renowned ensembles.
Tarang Ensemble
Carnatic Music Ensemble
The six-member Tarang Ensemble is dedicated to uncovering the numerous converging aspects of Indian Music and intermingling them with different streams of Western Music.
Ensemble Het Collectief
Chamber Music Ensemble
The ensemble Het Collectief has created an intriguing and idiosyncratic sound, achieved by an unfamiliar mix of strings, wind instruments and piano.
The Sitkovetsky Trio
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