13th contemporary music festival

Fidelio Trio
Shortlisted for the 2016 Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards, the Fidelio Trio (Darragh Morgan / violin, Tim Gill / cello, Mary Dullea / piano) are enthusiastic champions of the piano trio genre, performing the widest possible range of repertoire on concert stages across the world;
Sharon Kanach
Trio Zukan
Trio Zukan is currently one of the most distinguished ensembles of contemporary music scene in the Basque Country. It emerged in 2014 from the combination of three uncommon instruments: accordion, percussion and txistu – a traditional Basque flute, with three-holes, which can be played with one hand, leaving the other one free to play a percussion instrument.
Ergon Ensemble
With an important 14-year artistic history, the Ergon Ensemble is nowadays considered one of the most important ensembles of contemporary music in Greece and abroad. Having the International Academy of Ensemble Modern as its starting meeting point, the Ergon – comprising some of the most talented Greek musicians around – revolves around a flexible format of performers according to the needs of each production.
Matthijs Koene
Internationally recognized as one of the foremost panpipes players of our time, Matthijs Koene is celebrated for his ground-breaking vision and approach, which have vastly expanded the technical and expressive capabilities of his instrument, and introduced it to the classical music world.
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